Prices valid from August 1, 2019.

Prices include VAT 24%, as well as the rent payment, 12€.

Account number:
FI80 1012 3000 2280 47
Note! Each student is given a unique permanent reference number.

Monthly fee will be paid in the previous month 27. day. 4 lessons in advance.

Shall be paid at once or in monthly installments, half of the monthly fee in August.
Payment reminder 10 €.
If the lessons are started in the middle of the term, the tuition fee will be reduced.
Student's period of notice is one month.
Autumn and Winter holidays are subject to charges.

4 x 30 mins 130 € per month
585 €/autumn semester
650 €/spring semester

4 x 45 mins 195 € per month
877,50 €/autumn semester
975 €/autumn semester

Sibling discount 4 %.

30 mins pair lessons 100 € per month
45 mins pair lessons 130 € per month


Each year the students get the opportunity to perform in a student concert in the spring.

It is possible to complete the degree in cooperation with another music school.

Theory lessons: 4 x 45 mins 70 € per month